CLAW Charter
CLAW CHARTER est. 1995
CLAW Mission Statement

The goal of CLAW in any game that the guild plays is simple: to have fun. Nothing more, nothing less. We are a guild of friends, and our mutual friendships are more important than anything else. We expect that all members of CLAW uphold to this idea of mutual friendship and contribute to a friendly playing environment.

CLAW is governed by a Council. The Council exists not to rule the guild, but to serve the members of the guild by providing organization, communication, conflict resolution, and leadership. The size of the Council will be determined by the size of the guild -- new openings on the Council will be created at the Council's own discretion. The position of Guild Master is strictly perfunctory. The GM's use of guild leader commands is limited and bound by the Charter. His role is to make sure all decisions of the Council revolve around the charter.

Individual Councilors may be assigned different responsibilities, such as Webmaster, Events Coordinator, Secretary, Head of Recruitment, etc. All of these specific duties are secondary to the duties shared by all Council members.

Advisors:(Senior Members) Advisors are people who wish to help with the running of the guild and making it a friendly environment. Their responsibilities will range from helping new members to the guild with guild-tagging,answering questions in Guild Chat, helping with the organization of anything in-game and emailing or icqing current council members with any suspected problems. We are adding Advisors to help the guild because most Council Members can not play 24/7. These responsibilities are things most Members of CLAW can help with but are not required but the Advisors will be proactive in helping with these items.


Member Conduct
Members of CLAW must hold themselves to a high personal standard of honor and respect for their fellow players. Kill-stealing, ninja looting, training, and excessive flaming of anyone over any channel or forum are all examples of the antisocial behavior from which members of CLAW must abstain. Remember that your actions will reflect on everyone who shares your guild-tag. We wish for everyone to have the best possible gaming experience with us, so again, anything that could bring a bad light to the guild just don't do it. Members should also know that they are responsible for finding their own groups and organizing activities within the game. The guild is not responsible for planning the online time for its members. CLAW is the responsibility of every member. Please take this responsibility seriously.
A full member of CLAW will not be allowed to have other characters within CLAW and another guild on the same server. Once you are promoted to full member status you must guild all your characters with the CLAW tag. Those that do not wish to do this will not be promoted to full membership and will be asked to seek full membership else where. If there are any concerns with this rule please talk to Musashi or the Guild Leader of your Chapter.(some exceptions will be made depending on the games atmosphere)

Guidelines for Sponsorship
CLAW has no level restrictions or size limit. However, in order to maintain our casual, family environment, we will only accept new members if they are endorsed by a current member of CLAW who has been in the guild for at least one month, and is in good standing. A member may only sponsor one person at a time. It is the sponsor's responsibility to make sure that the sponsorship process is followed correctly, to explain the sponsorship process to his or her Probate, and to help the Probate get to know other members of the guild. A sponsor must be 18+ years of age.

Probates should make every effort to attend as many CLAW functions as possible during their trial period. They will be guilded or unguilded as communication needs dictate. Other members of CLAW should be gracious about making room for a Probate in their groups whenever possible. You'd want other members to make room for your Probate, so pay them the same courtesy. Remember that the people you sponsor will reflect back on you, so sponsor wisely. The guild will decide on the Probate receiving full member status after one month or a Council member requesting the full member vote for that particular Probate.

The Sponsorship Process

1.) To sponsor someone into the guild, post in the private forum. Announce that you are sponsoring someone and give their name. This will allow other members to post any immediate objections to your Probate, if they have any. Only extremely negative feedback will keep someone from getting a trial membership, but this is the time for it.

2.) Trial memberships last for thirty days. During that time, the Sponsor and Probate must work together to make sure that the other members of CLAW are able to meet the Probate and get an impression of him or her.

3.) When the trial membership is concluded, the Sponsor should notify the guild leader and make another post in the private forum. Voting takes place on the website and is open for one week. Members should only vote for or against the Probate if they have grouped with him or her. At least 33% of the guild members must vote, with a minimum 75% of those votes in favor of the Probate, for the trial membership to become permanent. If less than 33% of the guild body votes, the trial membership will be extended for an additional week and will be voted on again. If there are too many votes against the Probate, or the second vote also attracts too few voters, their trial membership is terminated.

4.) If rejected, a Probate may be sponsored for another trial membership after thirty days. They must be re-sponsored by the same person.

The sponsorship process is flexible, and exceptions and allowances for extreme circumstances may be made by the Council.


Any member of CLAW may organize an event in-game. Planned events will be posted in the Guild Events forum. Members are not required to participate in every event that comes along, but they should make an effort to attend whenever feasible. When posting of an in-game event, members should make a specific note on any rules that pertain to said event, such as looting rules, (one main looter, shared looting, lottery, etc.) killing and attacking other members if it is a PvP event, and so forth. The event organizer should also remind all participating members of any rules before the event starts. This is to make certain that all members have the best possible experience while at an event. For more large scale events, such as an Epic Raid in EQ or a large coordinated RvR battle in DAoC or SB, members will need to know the dates and times much longer in advance, as these events can take several hours. When there is loot involved at an event, certain rules should be specified right away including:

1.) Wether there is one main looter or the looting is shared between several guild members.
2.) Main characters of CLAW come before your secondary characters as far as drops are concerned. If your main character can not use the item, wait and see if another member in the group can use that.
3.) If you are in a group and a wanted item drops that can be used by several members, a lottery system of some sort should decide who will receive the item(s).
4.) Items won at an event or hunts are the property of the person who receives them. However, CLAW members should not be greedy when it comes to drops or items. Be generous towards your other guild members, especially if they are in need.
5.) If an item drops that no member of the group can use, these item(s) now become the property of the guild council and can loan out these items at their discretion or be sold by the Guild Treasurer.
6.) Finally, remember this easy rule: Need over Greed!


Finally, I want everyone to know that CLAW is full of families and that is what makes us special. CLAW is made up of Husbands/Wives, Boyfriends/Girlfriends, Fathers/Sons, Uncles/Nephews, Brothers/Sisters and lots of Real Life friends with the assorted Online friends that have known each other for years. CLAW will be around long after any of our online games end. We shall be playing together in many more online games. If you want a online family, fun and adventure then CLAW might be the guild for you